Whatever the style of your home, modern or traditional, Georgian or Leaded, our extensive range of beautiful windows and doors are made to measure exclusively for you, with a choice of designs that are sure to compliment your home perfectly.

Our wide range of attractive door designs don't just look good, they are robust and secure. Fitted with claw locks, 100mm security hinges, and mortice high-tensile steel deadlocks for your peace of mind, they are also steel-reinforced as appropriate, and the door panels themselves are easily amongst the strongest in the industry.

Doors are a major source of draughts and leaks, and with the price of fuel these days this can be very costly.

Wooden doors are likely to shrink or warp with the weather conditions - this leads to draughts and a major source of heat loss.

We are also conscious of the fact that the appearance of replacement doors must be sympathetic to their surroundings and not look out of place. Added to this is the fact that replacement doors are an indispensible piece of security equipment. Unsecure replacement doors are a major liability. All our doors, patio doors and conservatories all have emphasis on security, being reinforced with Hook/Mortice locks, new generation locks and double glazed as standard.

In addition to being 'low maintenance' and long lasting, our external replacement doors and window replacements are attractive to look at, improving the appearance and value of your home.

Double glazing is efficient.The energy efficiency of our glazed units is a proven fact, and the benefits will be noticed immediately. Your home will be warmer and your heating bills lower.